Frequently Asked Questions

What is Escher?

Escher is a digital fine art platform that brings together the most daring and distinguished contemporary artists to curate and aggregate all of their editions in one place, regardless of marketplace, contract, or token standard.

Focused on presenting editioned art in its highest form, Escher is designed to provide a unique experience for both artists and collectors, offering a selection of curated artist showrooms, exclusive drops, and an opportunity to participate in the appreciation of a singular expression of an artist’s work, together.

How does Escher work?

At launch, Escher is a marketplace aggregator delivering artist and collector-first experiences to browse, buy, and sell editioned fine art from our hand-curated selection of world-renowned digital artists.

You can expect:

  • Comprehensive artist showrooms featuring the entire collection of an artist's editioned work

  • A single destination to browse and purchase from the aggregated listings of leading NFT platforms

  • Enforcement of royalties on all Escher transactions to support the artists

  • The ability to list editioned fine art on our secondary marketplace

Escher is dedicated to providing you with the finest NFT art collecting experience. We will continue to expand our community of artists, primary sale capabilities, and exclusive edition drops.

How is Escher different from other NFT fine art marketplaces?

Escher distinguishes itself from other digital fine art marketplaces by offering a unique, all-in-one platform for buying, selling, and browsing editioned works of art. As an aggregator, marketplace, and curatorial team, Escher provides a highly organized and exceptional viewing experience, elevating the art buying and selling process.

What are Escher Exclusives?

Escher Exclusives showcase a curated series of editions dropped on Escher, developed in collaboration with some of the most imaginative and inspiring artists in the space. Selected by the Escher team, these exclusive releases offer collectors and art enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a rotating cast of artists, artworks, edition quantities, and themes.

What is Escher’s relationship to Tessera?

Escher is a standalone product created by the team at Tessera and has no relation to Escher offers a unique and tailored experience for both collectors and artists while preserving the principles of collective ownership.

Does Escher charge fees?

Escher charges a flat collector’s fee of 0.0015 ETH (~$2-3) on all purchases made on the platform.

Does Escher honor artist royalties?

Absolutely we do. All secondary sales that take place on Escher will respect artist royalties.

What currencies can I use on Escher?

Ether (ETH) is the only digital currency accepted for purchases on Escher.

What blockchains does Escher support?

Escher is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Does Escher support NFTs on blockchains other than Ethereum?

There are no plans for Escher to support NFTs on blockchains other than Ethereum at this time. But you never know…

Does Escher support 1/1s, collections, or other types of NFTs?

While Escher will support only editions at launch, other art formats are being explored for the future.


What is a showroom?

Escher showrooms are comprehensive spaces that bring together all of your editioned work, regardless of the contracts or platforms on which they were released. Each edition is presented as an individual work of art, with its own space to showcase its unique story and context.

Showrooms make it easier than ever for collectors to appreciate your artwork, explore your portfolio, and purchase your editions without sifting through duplicate tokens.

Can I customize and make edits to my showroom?

Artists can directly edit their showrooms by connecting any wallet they have used for a mint aggregated on Escher. If you are having issues accessing your showroom, you can DM us on Twitter (@escherxyz) or expedite the process by submitting a ticket in the “feedback-and-requests” channel in the Escher section of the Tessera Discord:

There are more features coming soon to further support showroom customization on Escher, please stay tuned for more updates.

How can I apply for a showroom on Escher?

You can apply for an artist showroom here. We review applications on a rolling basis. As Escher is a highly curated platform we cannot accept all applications, but we encourage all artists to apply. If you are selected, our team will contact you directly. Please wait 30 days between applications if you do not hear back from us.

How do I know if I qualify for a showroom?

We are dedicated to ensuring that each artist in our showroom truly represents the dynamic and cutting-edge nature of the digital fine art community. When reviewing artist applications, our curators take into consideration a range of factors including your previous portfolio of work, level of engagement with the fine art community, and unique artistic voice.

How can I sell new editions on Escher?

Once we’ve created your showroom, you can sell new editions on Escher. Start by minting your editions on your preferred minting platform. Escher will monitor all artist addresses for new mints and do our best to aggregate them immediately. If we happen to miss a mint, feel free to reach out to Escher on Twitter with the contract address. Once the edition page has been generated, you can list your editions for sale.

If you’d like to expedite this process, you can submit a ticket in the “feedback-and-requests” channel in the Escher section of the Tessera Discord:

There are more features coming soon to further support primary sales on Escher, please stay tuned for more updates.

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