Introducing Escher & Escher Exclusives
March 7th, 2023

A new platform dedicated to fine art editions

TL;DR Today we are announcing Escher, the first NFT platform where you can see all of an artist’s works in one place and easily buy, sell, and discover fine art editions.

In December 2022 we announced three new Tessera products, (, Tessera Marketplace, the Tessera Protocol), and our continued mission to be the ultimate destination for collective ownership. Less than three months later and we’re back to announce Escher.

Escher (, which will go live on March 30th, is a platform for buying, selling, and browsing editioned works of art. As an aggregator, marketplace, and curatorial team, Escher will provide a new, highly organized viewing experience for artists to showcase their work and collectors to easily browse and discover art.

Why fine art editions?

For the past two years, our team has been working closely with some of the world’s biggest creators and collectors to make collective ownership easy and approachable. Through our conversations with the community, we’ve heard one thing consistently: when it comes to art, there is a need for a singular place for artists and collectors to showcase and sell their editions.

So, we built Escher, an artist-first, user-first platform where the design and technical decisions we make will always put the creator AND their collectors first.

How does Escher work?

Escher is a platform that aggregates editions and their secondary marketplace listings across different contracts, token standards, and platforms, becoming a one-stop shop for all an artist’s editions - high-end editions, exclusive editions, and more.

  • Discovery: Escher will aggregate editions by an artist, regardless of the platform or contract they exist on, eliminating the need for jumping platforms to see an artist's work. With Escher, collectors can explore an artist’s portfolio and make purchases without sifting through duplicate tokens.

  • Artist showrooms: Serving as a dedicated and customizable space for artists to showcase all of their editions, artist showrooms are comprehensive spaces that bring together all of an artist's editioned work, regardless of the contracts or platforms on which they were released. At launch, Escher will have showrooms for 25+ artists, including XCOPY, Cath Simard, Grant Riven Yun, Jack Butcher, and Alpha Centauri Kid.

  • Browse, buy, and sell: Designed specifically for artists and their collectors, on Escher anyone can browse, buy, and sell editioned works through primary and secondary marketplace listings found on the showroom page of each artist.

Escher Exclusives

As part of this announcement, the team is introducing Escher Exclusives, a curated collection of limited editions from some of the best artists in the space. Escher Exclusive editions will be released as seasons (collections) of editioned NFTs, starting with Season 0 launching also on March 30th.

Selected by the Escher team, these exclusive releases offer collectors and art enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a rotating cast of artists, artworks, edition quantities, and themes, presented in seasonal collections.

Escher Exclusives will include exclusive editioned works launched in partnership with some of the most sought after names in the NFT fine art space. Follow the @escherxyz on Twitter and turn notifications on to be alerted of our exclusive drops.

Why now?

Much like our ideas for Tessera and our other products stemmed from an unfulfilled need from the communities they serve, we built Escher in the hope that it will be a much needed solution for artists who have been longing for a platform solely dedicated to editions. With Escher, artists will now have a singular place to showcase, and organize their art, and collectors will be able to easily discover art and artists.

We’ve always felt that what we are building at Tessera has a ton of overlap with editions.

To celebrate our entry into editions, we created The Escher Edition, a free Open Edition for everyone who is also here for the art. The Escher Edition is available from Tuesday, March 7th at 12:00pm EST to Wednesday, March 8th at 11:59pm EST.

Visit Zora to get yours.

To be a truly artist-first, user-first platform, we will continue building in the open and appreciate all feedback from artists and collectors - as always, DMs are open.


Andy + the team building Escher

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